Inside the Cutaway

The Cutaway

The super-sized concrete void is a unique cultural venue flexible enough to host everything from art exhibitions, music performances and food events to rehearsal rooms and commercial activities.

But it is also an engineering masterpiece - one of the largest internal spaces in Australia, and all located beneath 12,000 cubic metres of rock, grass and mature trees.

It’s as long as the Sydney Cricket Ground, as wide as an Olympic swimming pool, and as tall as a six-storey building. But come and see it for yourself!

Hidden away beneath the artificial hill that is now home to Sydney’s new native botanic garden, the Cutaway is a fundamental part of the city’s remarkable re-created north western headland.

It also incorporates the gigantic Merriman Street sandstone wall that is a graphic reminder of the area’s maritime heritage. The wall is open to the sky and re-imagined as a beautiful backdrop to the cultural activities inside.

VIDEO: Watch the construction of the cultural space at Barangaroo Reserve


Facts and Figures

‣ The Cutaway is Sydney’s newest and most flexible cultural space.

‣ It provides 7,500 sqm of raw space, capable of being used in a variety of ways.

‣ It can house 5,500 people comfortably at any one time.

‣ It is 150m long, 50m wide and 15m high.

‣ It is buried under 12,000 cubic metres of landscaping.

‣ It was constructed using bridge technology, usually used on roads such as the Pacific Highway.

‣ Underneath the Cutaway are two levels of car park and an integrated water reuse system, which provides for the capture, treatment, storage and reuse of seepage and stormwater for the irrigation of the park. The two tanks - an enormous 1,200m3 rainwater tank and 180m3 seepage tank - are up to 17 metres below sea level.

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